VICTOR is a brand of pet food originally manufactured by Thibault Milling Company of Little Rock Arkansas. Thibault mill was built in 1922, and the VICTOR brand was used during the mid 1940’s. Before “Extrusion” processing, all dog foods including VICTOR was “Pelleted” using cooked ingredients such as Meat Cake and cereal by-product. Pelleted VICTOR dog food ended in 1998 when the Thibault Milling plant burned.

Mid America Pet Food:

Construction for a brand new pet food manufacturing plant located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas began in 2005, and it took about 2 years to finish construction. A brand was needed, and since the Glover family owned the rights to Victor, it made logical sense to bring it back to life. The exact 1940’s starting date of the “VICTOR” pet food brand was unknown, so to honor Frank and Lavonne Glover’s business start date, “Since 1950” was the date we hung our hat on as the birth year of VICTOR Pet Food.

Business Philosophy from the Founder & CEO of Mid America Pet Food:

During the time I spent building the manufacturing plant, my mind was always working on a business plan. I would ask myself “How can I compete in this multi-billion dollar market when practically ALL of my competitors were much larger and had what seemed to be near unlimited financial resources for advertising. I was starting a business from scratch with zero customer base during the start of the worst recession of my adult life (1997)! I told the bankers that I was going to build the company around a small, but strong team of people working together toward a common goal. I don’t like “yes people” on my team! I like to challenge very smart, experienced, and independent thinkers. This is the description I would give our management team. I wanted to build a brand of dog food that offered great nutrition to the dog, a great value to the dog owner, and over time gain the trust of the independent retailer to recommend VICTOR as their store brand with products that will help differentiate themselves from the mass merchandisers. I really had no idea this simple philosophy would be so well received in this short of a period of time.

Point #1 Great Nutrition for the Animal:

From my start in the general line feed business with more than 50% of our volume directed to dairy feed, formulating quality was ingrained in my DNA. VICTOR formulas were created with only one thing in mind, providing the animal the best nutrition possible. Price was NEVER a consideration. All of our formulas are free from Corn, Wheat, Soy and Glutens.
We teamed up with some great suppliers such as Alltech, Diamond V, Zinpro, and others. These companies are on the top of their game providing nutritional ingredients supporting strong immune and digestive systems. It just made sense to include their ingredients in ALL of our formulas. Never one time was cost considered during formulation. At the time I assumed all the big players in this market with their PhD nutritionist and highly marketed research facilities would be producing the best possible products. It became obvious that this was not happening and these highly advertised companies were run by CEO’s and CFO’s driven by the bottom line. Cheap, Cheaper and Cheapest is what predominated the shelves. Amazingly VICTOR formulas stood out as being among the most fortified and nutritious formulas produced in the United States. We have never one time changed a formula to make it cheaper. We have however, kept formulas current with the latest nutritional advancements and have raised prices when necessary to maintain this level of nutrition. We have NEVER been challenged on nutrition!

Point #2 Great Value for the Animal Owner:

VICTOR Pet Foods are positioned in the market to be a great “Nutritional Value” In-Fact VICTOR formulas are rated 4 and 5 stars by the well-respected “DOG FOOD ADVISOR.” This website (www.dogfoodadvisor.com) receives about 30,000 hits per day from dog owners. Do you think these dog owners are looking for “cheap” dog food? Of course not, these people are looking for great nutrition at a fair price. Dog foods that sell for double that of VICTOR formulas will never beat our “Nutrition”. Dog foods that sell for $10/bag less will simply not digest and perform as well as VICTOR. VICTOR hits the “Sweet Spot” for the dog owner that is looking for great nutrition at a fair price.

Point #3 A Brand Loyal to Independent and Smaller Regional Store Groups:

Nutrition and Value are very important, but our success has been the strong relationships built with our distributors and retailers. Retailers for VICTOR are part of our family and treated as such. Our inside sales and marketing department supports the needs of these retailers. To many of our retailers, VICTOR has become their store “Recommended Brand”. After 9 years of hard work and thanks to many distributors that see the value in our brand, VICTOR Pet Food is now available to most all independent retailers in the lower 48 States.
VICTOR Product Line: We continually update our multi-page product guide which includes a great description of each product we offer. Our website is updated weekly as well (victordogfood.com). Our products are split into three primary categories (VICTOR, VICTOR Select, and VICTOR Grain Free) we also produce foods for both Cat and Horses!

In Summary:

VICTOR is a brand that is manufactured in our company owned Texas based manufacturing facility. All our formulas are free from corn, wheat, soy, gluten, or any other processed grain by-products. All contain scientifically advanced ingredients from Alltech, Diamond V and Zinpro that work together supporting a strong immune and digestive system. VICTOR formulas have received the highest ratings provided by the Dog Food Advisor. VICTOR Pet Foods are available nationally through a network of distributors servicing retailers in all states. VICTOR formulas help retailers differentiate their product lines and be competitive with major retailers of pet food, all while making good profit margins for their store. All said, VICTOR is one of the absolute best nutritional value American made pet foods on the market!