VICTOR Super Premium Pet Food is among the best pet foods available today. The exceptional nutrition found inside of VICTOR is unlike what you will find on most grocery mart shelves. It provides a significantly better value than many well-known brands while providing superior nutrition. VICTOR is indeed the brand to add to your shopping list when you are searching for a high-quality pet food, at a fair price point. When you purchase a bag of VICTOR you are putting your pet on a better path with better nutrition. Use the available VICTOR MAP to locate VICTOR near you.


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The Trusted Pet Food of DUCK COMMANDER

We are honored to have VICTOR as the Official Pet Food of Duck Commander.


“I have been in the sporting dogs for over 40yrs. I switched to VICTOR for all of them and they are doing fantastic. Their coats are very soft and shiny and they have much better stamina when running as much as 18 miles at a time in 4-5 hrs. I also attend field trials in the Midwest Gundog Federation and many more houndsmen are starting to switch from other Brands and other Feed. Great feed.”

Connie Summers

“This is the best dog food ever! All five of my dogs LOVE the Grain Free Salmon (one of them has grain allergies), have shiny coats and lots of energy. I will continue to feed it to my dogs and recommend it to my friends.”

Marty Munson

My dogs love it!

I finally found the perfect food for both of my dogs. They are energetic, happy and their fur is shiny. It was tough finding something for both of them as they are at different life stages, but this food works. So happy I found it!


“Best dog food ever. Soon everyone will know about VICTOR. I tell everyone about it. Thanks”

Richard Simpson