Have a question about a refund related to the current recall?
MAPF is working on a solution to manage refunds. Information regarding refund options will be available soon, and information will be posted on the MAPF and VICTOR websites. Thank you for your patience.

The VICTOR Satisfaction Guarantee is printed on every bag of VICTOR Pet Food Products below the UPC code on the back panel of each product.

Terms of the VICTOR Satisfaction Guarantee: The fulfillment of the product satisfaction guarantee must be conducted at the original retailer where the purchase of VICTOR Dog Food, or VICTOR Cat Feed was performed. In the event the product did not meet your expectation, for any reason, return to the store with the bag and unused portion of the product for a full refund or replacement. If your purchase was made through an online retailer you should contact the same online retailer and follow their product return procedure via the same website you made your purchase. Note: If you used the Amazon .com marketplace to make your purchase, you should contact the independent retailer your purchase was arranged with on the Amazon .com website. Review your transaction details to see the contact information of that retailer.

Do not attempt to seek direct reimbursement or product replacement directly from the manufacturer as it is not part of the VICTOR Product Return Policy. Contact the retailer as it is their responsibility to handle all exchanges or refunds as part of being an Authorized VICTOR Retailer. If you require assistance in product recommendations or have questions related to product information, you may contact the manufacturer. Note: VICTOR products are not sold from the manufacturer online or otherwise to retailers or end users.

Precautions and Recommendations to End Users

It is advisable to only make your purchases through trusted storefront or trusted online retailers who are Authorized VICTOR Retailers. Avoid buying from 3rd party vendors who are not a direct extension of an actual local retailer with an actual store front location as they are not authorized and possibly will not honor any kind of returns or provide product support if there is an issue. If a VICTOR product is purchased by other means than through an authorized VICTOR retailer, it is not eligible whatsoever for any refund or replacement.  It is a matter of buyer beware if you choose to buy from a seller like but not limited to road side vendors or a vendor booth at an event. No matter how cheap they may be selling the product for, it is not worth the risk because it may be out of date product or otherwise no longer suitable for consumption. If the vendor sells product “as is” or “no returns” they are very likely not an authorized VICTOR retailer. It is a False statement if the seller tells you that anyone other than them selves will give you a refund in the event you have an issue. You must we a wise consumer and understand the importance of only shopping with authorized VICTOR retailers. For assistance in locating an authorized VICTOR retailer visit our locator map.

It is recommended to always keep unused product in the original packaging. This serves two purposes. First, is when product is taken out of the original packaging it is put at risk for potential contamination to be introduced with the product. The inside lining of the VICTOR bag is designed specifically to stay in continuous contact with the product.  Second, the Lot Number information is printed on the packaging so to accurately identify the batch and date in which it was produced. In the rare event that an issue may arise with the product, the Lot number remains readily at hand to retrieve and provide to the VICTOR Product Support Team when you call.  This gives the VICTOR Product Support Team the necessary data and equips them to better assist you with a product concern. Once you have completed your call with a VICTOR Product Support Team member, you will have everything you need to return the product, in the original packaging, to fulfill the satisfaction guarantee with the VICTOR retailer.