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Have questions about VICTOR Super Premium Pet Foods? Want to know more about our company or our retailers? Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us, we’ll be sure to get you the answers you’re looking for.

Formulas and Ingredients

We have a variety of formulas that are a great option for puppies. You can find them through our Formula Finder on our product page. VICTOR formulas for puppies include: Hi-Pro Plus, High Energy, Professional, Grain Free Active Dog & Puppy, and more. Additionally, our customer service team is available to answer any questions you have about your specific puppy to suggest the best food for their activity level, breed, size and more. You can reach them at 888-428-7544.


You can find the store closest to you carrying VICTOR dog food and our online retailers, here:

VICTOR Super Premium Pet Food comes in a variety of dry dog food formulas in three product lines: Classic, Select and Purpose. Grain Free formulas are available in our Select and Purpose lines. We also offer canned dog food, dry cat food and canned cat food. See all products here.

That depends on several factors, like your dog's age, activity level and specific needs. We recommend using our Formula Finder to help you find the formula that's right for your dog. Or contact us for a personalized recommendation.

When changing to any VICTOR formula, transition your pet from the old brand to VICTOR over the course of one week to 10 days, gradually increasing the amount of VICTOR every few days.

Days 1-3
25% Victor
75% other
Days 4-6
50% Victor
50% other
Days 6-9
75% Victor
25% other
Days 10+
100% Victor


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Beef Meal & Brown Rice




Grain Free Hero Canine


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We understand that the best way to discover the difference VICTOR can make for your dog is to try it. Free samples of many VICTOR formulas are available at authorized retailers, though they may not have every formula on hand. Find samples at a store near you

If samples are not readily available from your local retailer, rest assured that all our VICTOR products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, return the unused portion to your retailer for a full refund or replacement.

The quality of our ingredients is extremely important to us. We source our ingredients from valued and trusted suppliers who are dedicated to providing the very highest-quality ingredients available on the market today. The majority of our ingredients are locally sourced in the state of Texas.

We are one of only a few pet food manufacturers that uses the amino acid complex minerals from Zinpro Corporation, which has the research to prove its minerals are better absorbed and provide a well-documented response when being fed. Many of the big-name brands still use predominantly inorganic forms of trace minerals or less bioavailable forms of organic trace minerals.

All our formulas are either grain free or made from gluten free grains.

Yes, Michael Keith is the Vice President of Nutrition and Procurement. Michael is one of 12 nutritionists currently holding a Professional Animal Scientist certification in Companion Animal from the American Registry of Professional Animal Sciences (ARPAS). We also work with third-party nutritionists to validate our work, consult with us on research, and engage in open discussions about how to make sure our products continue to meet our high standards. We are highly rooted in science and continue to use the most proven, trusted ingredients available.

Our internal Nutrition Team works diligently with third-party nutritionists to formulate the diets, design new products, handle product registrations and ensure compliance with regulations.

We believe every ingredient serves a purpose. You can read about our proven VPRO Ingredients on the Ingredients page. To read about the ingredients in each of our specific formulas, select Products from the top navigation bar, then the click on the formula you want to know more about. The tabs for Guaranteed Analysis and General Analysis are about halfway down the page. 

Each product’s nutrient profile can be found on the product page under the General Analysis tab.

Nutritional science increasingly supports a whole food, ancestral diet for most dogs and cats. This diet is high in protein, antioxidant rich, and offers balanced fats and minerals. Blood meal is a high protein, low ash, low fat ingredient that provides a strategic source of nutrients and amino acids when used appropriately. Including blood meal in our products maintains protein levels and meets calcium requirements.

Like every ingredient that enters our facility, our quality assurance team tests this product before it is accepted to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards. Our formulas and production methods allow us to safely produce pet food products with a higher percentage of animal protein versus plant protein.

The following kibble formulas do not contain blood meal: Classic Multi-Pro, Select Beef Meal & Brown Rice, Select Ocean Fish, Select Chicken Meal & Brown Rice.

Ingredients are listed by dry matter weight on the package. Mid America Pet Food has a long history of using protein meal in its pet food products. Protein meals (and in this case dehydrated meats) are dried products which we believe are superior nutritionally to fresh meat products from a food safety standpoint.  Also, protein meals allow us to add much more protein per pound than fresh meat.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to, or call us at 1.888.428.7544.

We are proud to produce all our VICTOR dry kibble foods in our own manufacturing facility in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. The VICTOR® brand is owned by Mid America Pet Food.

Safety and Quality

Food safety is our priority. Our ingredients are tested both internally and externally to ensure they meet our high standards of quality. We also extensively test our finished products to ensure the health and safety of the pets eating our products.

VICTOR is owned by Mid America Pet Food, which is proud to have earned the SQF Code for Manufacturing 8.0, the SQF Quality Code 8.0, and the FSC 36 Safe Feed/Safe Food in 2018. In addition, all our recipes are formulated to meet AAFCO regulations. We constantly analyze both raw materials and finished diets to validate AAFCO standards.

Yes. We are proud to have Matt Frederking, VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality for VICTOR, on staff. He is one of the leading food safety experts in the United States. He, along with everyone in our company, works hard to ensure the safety of our products every day.

VICTOR is owned by Mid America Pet Food, which is proud to have earned the SQF Code for Manufacturing 8.0, the SQF Quality Code 8.0, and the FSC 36 Safe Feed/Safe Food in 2018. In addition, all our recipes are formulated to meet AAFCO regulations. We constantly analyze both raw materials and finished diets to validate AAFCO standards.

Our Retailers

Generally, retailers will stock products based on customer interest. If you would like to have a local retailer carry VICTOR products, there are two things you can do: 1). visit the store, let them know about VICTOR and ask if they would be willing to carry the VICTOR brand, and 2). reach out to the VICTOR customer service team for help. We are always looking for great retailers who want to provide a high-quality product to their customers.

VICTOR products are available for purchase through retailers like independent feed-and-farm, hardware, garden, general stores and pet specialty retailers. Because these locations can place larger orders upon request, we encourage working with a VICTOR retailer to arrange bulk purchases. Find your nearest VICTOR retailer.

VICTOR Super Premium Dog Food is available online at, and


All of our current job opportunities are listed on our website, here.



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