Chat with VICTOR.

Hey there 🙂 We have taken our communication capabilities a step further by adding a chat feature to our website allowing you to Chat with a VICTOR Team Member. Open the chat window by clicking the gold colored “Chat with VICTOR” tab in the lower left hand corner of your screen. We can assist you by narrowing down which formula is best for your pet, help you figure out how much to feed your pet, or just ask us how the weather is in TEXAS.  You will quickly understand why VICTOR is the best brand to feed your pet. VICTOR chat sessions are open during our normal business hours from 8am to 5pm Central Standard Time. If you missed the open chat time, do not worry. You may still leave your question or comment as an after hours message. The following business day we will answer your question or comment as quickly as as we can.  Just remember to enter your name and email address on the sign in portion so we know how to get back with you.

Hello. How can we assist you today? 🙂

August 8th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on Chat with VICTOR.