VICTOR Dog Food formulas meet the standards for specific AAFCO nutritional profiles essential to be “complete and balanced” as either an All Life Stage formula for dogs or Maintenance formula for dogs. These nutrional Profiles contains the nutrients essential to supporting a healthy pet, specifically: vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and protein and amino acids.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets nutritional standards for the definition of “complete and balanced” based on essential nutrients for All Life Stage formula and Maintenance formulas

VICTOR is made with only Natural Plant Based Preservatives. A unique blend of mixed tocopherols for superior free radical absorption and of botanically-sourced antioxidants are added to the protein and fat ingredients we use to stabilize and naturally prevent oxidative damage. No artificially based preservatives are added to our product.

Corn, Wheat, and Soy have all been identified as potential allergens for some dogs and cats.

Kibble Size Relative to a US Quarter

Kibble Sizes

Beef Meal & Brown Rice on the Left.
Grain Free Hero Canine on the Right.

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Feeding Transition Guide

VICTOR Pet Food is prepared at our own Texas based production facility here in Mount Pleasant, TX. VICTOR is proudly produced and sold in the USA. We put our hearts into making the kibble that provides the best nutrition for your pets. Nutrition is our Passion. See where the nearest VICTOR Retailer is to you. https://victorpetfood.com/find-a-store/

Generally, retailers will stock products based on local customer interest. If you would like to get a retailer to carry VICTOR in your local area, there are two things you can do: (1) you can visit the store and let them know about VICTOR and ask if they would be willing to carry the VICTOR brand, (2) you can call the VICTOR sales team who will be happy to help. We are looking for enthusiastic retailers who wish to provide a high quality product to their customers.

VICTOR is available for purchase through retailers like independent Feed & Farm, Hardware, Garden, General Stores, and Pet Specialty. These locations can place larger orders when they need to. Purchasing from the manufacturer is not an available option. We encourage working with a VICTOR Retailer to arrange bulk purchases. Purchase arrangements may include upfront payment and immediate pickup upon delivery of shipment to their store, as they do not always have the additional space to hold additional inventory. To locate the closest store front VICTOR retailer CLICK HERE.

To qualify for consideration as a VICTOR retailer you must first maintain an active storefront location inside the US and be in the business of selling pet food products to walk-in retail consumers. Some examples of qualified retail entities include Feed & Farm, Garden, Hardware and Pet Specialty stores. The store must hold a valid retail sales tax permit for the state in which your business is based and actively operate a retail storefront with normal business hours and business phone. Residential locations are not eligible.

If the store meets the minimum criteria, we welcome the opportunity to share the information with a warehouse distributor who could service the store location. Simply fill out the dealer inquiry form on our website and a representative will be in touch to discuss your store’s potential for becoming a VICTOR retailer.


 VICTOR Samples are available Free exclusively at our beloved VICTOR retailer locations. Just keep in mind that some of our retailers may not have all of the formula samples in stock. Find a store near you by clicking the link below!


We have Both Canned and Dry Kibble pet food. Click the button below to take a look at what we have to offer.


The Lot Code Number and Best By Date can be found on the back side of the bag above the VICTOR Logo near the top. The Best By Date is one year from the date the product was packaged for what should still be suitable to be fed up to that date as a guideline. Provided the product has been in favorable conditions will determine how suitable for consumption it should be. Keeping the product from being exposed to excessive heat for any amount of time is the best way to maintain the expected shelf life of one year.

If you can not find a local VICTOR dealer to purchase through retailers such as independent Feed & Farm, Hardware, Garden, General Stores, and Pet Specialty, we then suggest shopping at

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