Grain Free Lamb Meal formula now has a new name.


You will soon be seeing  VICTOR® Grain Free Prairie Land Canine™ on the label of our grain-free lamb formula at the store you shop for your VICTOR super premium pet food.

VICTOR® Grain Free Prairie Land Canine™ is the exact same great formulation and quality as before and is still made by the same friendly folks you know and trust here in Texas.

There is no need to worry if you still see a bag with the previous name on the shelf when it is time to buy your next bag. During this transition you may still see product with the previous name on your stores shelf. As your store receives future shipments, each size will eventually get replaced as current inventory of the supply chain transitions.

All VICTOR Products have an expected shelf life of 12 months from the date it was produced and packaged. Always check the best by date on any product you plan to purchase so you can know that your bag is not past it’s expected shelf life.

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Thank you for choosing VICTOR to fuel your pets!!

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