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ZinPro Availa®Pet – Specifically calculated blend of certain Trace Minerals Complexes at a regulated concentration. Zinpro Performance Minerals® are the most bio available trace minerals on the market, which means more of the minerals are absorbed by the animal to deliver their full benefit.

Availa®Pet is a combination of Organic Trace Mineral Complexes produced by USA based ZinPro Corporation.  These minerals are easily absorbed by the digestive system into the bloodstream more efficiently than Non-Organic forms of the same minerals.  These unique Organic mineral complexes work on the cellular level promoting efficient metabolic function.  Efficient cellular function supports a strong immune system.

Health & Wellbeing

Zinc has been shown to enhance immune response, while manganese aids immune function, including antioxidant activity to remove free radicals and protect cell membranes

Growth & Development

Zinc is shown to improve skeletal soundness, manganese plays a vital role in bone matrix development and joint maintenance and repair, and iron contributes to overall growth and development

Skin & Coat Quality

Zinc and manganese facilitate wound healing and skin integrity through improved epithelial production and repair, and they’re important factors in optimal coat hair length and shine

Reproductive Performance

Manganese has been shown to aid reproductive hormone production, while research shows zinc to improve reproductive performance in both males and females

Paw Pad Integrity & Healing

Zinc and manganese have been shown to aid in keratin synthesis for toenail hardness, antioxidant activity to protect cell membranes, and cell division for paw pad growth and repair

Energy Metabolism

Zinc, manganese, and iron all contribute to energy metabolism, including carbohydrate, lipid, protein, and nucleic acid metabolism